Risk Review and Identification Services: Every business is distinctively different and has its own set of risks it faces when providing products or services. Our most important objective it to understand the various aspects of your unique business and identify the risks that exist.

Marketplace Review and Analysis: There are approximately 5,965 insurance companies in the United States. As an independent agent dedicated to the unique needs of your business we identify the insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance programs for your specific business and focus our attention with those particular insurance carriers.

Marketplace Advocacy: In any given day the commercial insurance underwriter may literally have dozens of new and renewal submissions to review and then make critical decisions on. These decisions will directly affect your business. One of our unique specialties is that we separate your company from the underwriting “noise” by demonstrating to the underwriter who you are and what your company is about with regards to risk review, risk mitigation and risk profitability. By actively advocating on your behalf we are able to negotiate the best possible coverage and pricing structure to protect your business.

Solutions and Best Options Review: The decision about which insurance carrier and coverages are the most effective for your business is not an easy decision. Every commercial insurance carrier has their own policy forms and endorsements that are unique to them. We review with you the various carriers and their options and assist you to make a decision as to which carrier and policy most effectively addresses the needs of your business.

Ongoing Proactive Services and Advocacy: We are passionate about providing you and your team with ongoing proactive service so you can focus on your success. We pride ourselves on being uniquely accessible to you and your team on a consistent basis.

Risk Management / Risk Transfer Services: Reduced risk to your business translates to a lower cost basis and higher profitability for your business. We assist you in identifying the most effective way to manage your business’s risk through risk management and transfer techniques and demonstrate the net result of those implementations.

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